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Making Your Signature Sing

Making Your Signature Sing A blog post about signatures from a Sysadmin? Well, yeah. I manage people’s emails. You don’t think that I have at least tangential knowledge of email signatures at least from a technical standpoint?    What you will learn here: What to do and what not to do when designing your personalized email auto-signature.   I’ve had to make sure that someone’s big artsy signature was something that didn’t trigger email filters. I’ve had to optimize images in signatures so they can actually be sent. I am far too familiar with word and outlook formatting for my own good due to desktop support tickets on the issue. And, well, I have to have an email signature.   Would you like to see it?   What a “good” signature looks like There it is. That’s my email signature. Now we can talk about why it’s formatted that way.

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SSL Certificates And You

Why It’s Important For Your Site To Have An SSL Certificate An SSL Certificate is an important layer of security and provides trust. Your site

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