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SSL Browser Lock

SSL Certificates And You

Why It’s Important For Your Site To Have An SSL Certificate An SSL Certificate is an important layer of security and provides trust. Your site needs one. It’s what puts that little lock in the browser instead of the exclamation point or i. But why do you need it? Well, the obvious use case is if you collect any information at all, you need to provide the layer of trust between you and the users. It’s a way to promise that no one else can listen in on private data. It wasn’t uncommon in the days before nearly ubiquitous SSL usage to run very low-level sniffing attacks on open Wi-Fi spots and harvest all sorts of information. Those attacks still work, if you’re not using a certificate to encrypt traffic. Now, when encrypted, the information gathered is a garbled mess instead of anything human readable. Just know that what you

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Cloud Backup

Security: Backup

Let’s Talk About Backups So far, we’ve learned the importance of keeping our mouths shut, and the importance of passwords. But what about when those

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Kyle Yeager
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As a small business we are in constant need of fast, knowledgeable and professional IT solutions. Harmony has been there for us for the past 10 years from a simple computer swaps to crisis data recovery and everything in between. Highly recommended
Ryan Young
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When it comes to customer service, industry and product knowledge, you will not find a better solution than Harmony. Thank you for being a integral part of Kennesaw and surrounding areas!
Zak Griffith
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The Harmony team consistently exceeds our needs by providing outstanding customer service in a quick and timely manner. I highly recommend Harmony for everything IT, ZOHO CRM, VOIP phone systems, and website development!
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