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Grab Attention by Creating Visual Impact

Grab Attention by Creating Visual Impact

You can’t sell anything to anyone until you first get them to notice you.

In an increasingly crowded marketplace – both online and off – firms that know how to create visual impact will draw folks in for a closer look. Plus, they’re more likely to be remembered as customers tumble along their buyers’ journey.

1. Decide What Stays In, and What’s Left Out

Sure, there’s a lot that you might want to include on, say, your company’s website. But attention spans these days are shorter than ever. In fact, the busier your page, the less likely people will dig into it at all.

So, every element should have a purpose. It should contribute to catching the eye, and leading it to something else you want them to see … until they decide to respond. Typically, that means few or no bits added purely for ‘design.’

2. Let’s Set Some Priorities

We’ve all seen bad design in which every single element tries to jump out for attention. The sad truth is, when everything tries to stand out, nothing stands out. It’s just a blur.

Before anything is laid out on the page, decide what the most important visuals and messages are. You’ll want to make those the most visually prominent, of course. But in the case of a web page, you’ll also put the essentials at the top, just in case your dear reader never makes it to the bottom.

3. Chop It Up into Bite-Size Pieces

Most modern website pages are segmented into a vertical stack of sections, or ‘blocks.’ There’s a reason for this. You’re more likely to get quality attention for each topic, than if you have a dozen different visual elements randomly cascading down one long white page.

It’s the same thing for website writing. Succinct headlines and pieces of text are much easier to absorb than long ones. Give your readers the courtesy of not overwhelming them. BTW, would this segmented article be as easy to read if it were just one huge paragraph?

4. Put Your Pictures to Work

Unless you’re selling a lovely-looking product like flowers or jewelry, use the eye-catching images on the page to deliver that eye to your key selling messages. The right image/text combination can be more effective than either alone.

Crop photos to cut out extraneous background, and to zoom in on the subject. Keep smaller images simple vs. complex. Those are good ways to create visual impact. Another is to have part of the subject, say, the front of a truck, ‘break out’ of its rectangular box, by silhouetting that portion on the page. Surprising people with the unexpected always gets their attention.

5. Make Your Brand Shine

Your logo is the cornerstone for your brand’s identity. So make sure it’s big, clear and legible enough wherever it appears, from business cards to billboards. If your logo elements are stacked vertically, consider creating an alternate horizontal version, to make the most of the horizontal space allowed at the top of your web page.

Online or in print, limit your color palette to your brand’s designated ‘identity colors.’ And use those creatively on all your marketing, to help ensure a recognizable, signature look. Use bright color sparingly, to focus the eye on the really important elements such as your website’s Buy Now or Get In Touch button.

6. Get Professional Help

We’re sure you’re great at whatever services or products you offer. And although you might see the wisdom in these suggestions for creating visual impact, you might not feel confident about pulling it all together on an expert level.  

Well, that’s the kind of thing that The Harmony Group is great at, if we do say so ourselves. At least that’s what our clients seem to think. Let’s have a chat about your ‘perfect customer,’ and what our team of sharp designers can do to snag their attention.

Talk with Susan VanHemert at 678-797-0747, or send us a message and she’ll be in touch to explore the possibilities.

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