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What Should an IT Maintenance Plan Include?

What Should an IT Maintenance Plan Include?

Technology helps us do business in ways that would have seemed almost magical not that long ago.

However, there’s an ongoing commitment beyond your initial acquisition of the hardware and software. You have to maintain your network, which is a profoundly complex system for even the smallest of companies. Unless you have your own full-time IT staff, an IT Maintenance Plan is the only way to keep everything running smoothly in a constantly-changing technology universe.

So, what should an IT Maintenance Plan include? To ensure that an obsolete bit of software doesn’t balloon into a system-wide crash next Tuesday morning, here’s what you need to insist on from your IT Maintenance provider.

It Starts with a Survey

The IT team’s first task is to create an Equipment List. This is a comprehensive listing of all hardware on the business network, as well as the software installed on those devices. Notes are included regarding the initial condition and technical details of all those elements.

Pay One Fixed Price

Everything on that list is covered by your IT Maintenance Plan. Whatever the devices did successfully at the beginning of the coverage, they’ll continue to do, for a stated monthly fee. Since there are no additional labor charges to address the maintenance issues that keep arising, you don’t have to worry about surprise billings.

Stay Up-to-Date

A strong IT Maintenance Plan includes the installation of software upgrades, updates, and security patches as they become available. It also includes other changes to device functionality, plus initial testing to address potential conflicts. To keep everyone on the same page, modifications are proposed and accepted like any other project, and the Equipment List itself is updated.

Eternal Vigilance

Your network is continually scanned for viruses and potential security breaches, as well as any indication of impending hardware failure. Software companies are monitored for the release of updates and patches that you might need. IT Maintenance never rests.

Smart Advice

Need new or replacement hardware or software? Your IT team will research it, and consult on the best choices for your circumstances, industry, budget and future plans. Do your employees know all the right procedures and best practices for keeping your network healthy and safe? IT professionals can provide smart, customized IT policies for your company to codify and distribute. Is all that included in every IT Maintenance Plan out there? Not necessarily. But it should be.  

Now You Know

Now if anyone ever asks, “What should an IT Maintenance Plan include?” you’ll impress them by knowing the answers. But from a higher-level view, the real answer is “confidence.” Confidence that a seasoned pro is totally on top of things that you don’t understand or have control over – but that you depend on, hour after hour, year after year.

Plus, you have the confidence of knowing that there’s no new cost every time a piece of software needs to be updated. Why? Because you have a robust, ongoing, all-inclusive IT Maintenance Plan.

Find Out More

If that all sounds like something that would help YOU feel confident, talk to the experts at Harmony Group IT. The Maintenance Plans here are designed to reduce risk, simplify complexity, and keep your network humming and up-to-date.

It costs nothing to talk about possibilities; just call us at 678-797-0747 and see what you think. Or start with the Harmony Group IT website to learn more about us.

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