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What kind of ransomware protection do you need to keep your company safe?

More small companies are becoming victims of ransomware. Here’s how to secure your files, foil hackers, and remain confident despite this growing threat.

With your data secured in the UnHackable Box, you can quickly restore your system without paying a ransom.

How have cybercriminals gotten the upper hand?

When they send out lots of ‘fishing’ emails, it only takes one distracted worker to click on a dangerous link or attachment.

Immediately, malware begins encrypting all that company’s files, making them inaccessible.

Even your synchronized files in Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Dropbox are susceptible to corruption.

Why can’t data just be restored from a backup?

Unfortunately, the latest backups may contain the already-encrypted version of company files.

Even if  clean incremental backups are stored online, it could take days to download all that data.

Crucial operations are frozen until everything is restored. Some companies have paid up just to avoid the delay.

‍So what’s the best ransomware protection for businesses?

It uses NAS (Network Attached Storage). Since the backup server is local, you can quickly restore and get back to work.

It’s set up for ‘immutable storage’. The periodic ‘read only’ backups can’t be modified, removed or encrypted.

Access is only via Secure FTP, which blocks malware. There are flexible protocols for selecting which data to include.

That’s the UnHackable Box, from Harmony

Robust, cost-effective ransomware protection and recovery

‍Good job, you’ve found best ransomware protection in 2022.

Get in touch, for details, for prices, and to get started with the UnHackable Box. The faster you act, the safer you’ll be.

With this crippling problem on the rise, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has asked all small businesses to quickly adopt ransomware protection. Learn more.

Prefer a do-it-yourself ransomware protection solution? Start here.

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