Strategic marketing services that target and engage your perfect customers.

Companies that go through Harmony’s deep-dive strategy process end up with a unique and profitable position in the marketplace that no other competitor can claim.

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Common Questions

How do we compete without simply lowering our prices?

What if we offer various services or sell to various markets?

How do we stand out from companies that sell the same thing?

Understand the issues, and start operating on a whole new level.

Strategic marketing services to take you from the past into the future.

Companies have always wasted marketing dollars because they didn’t build a strategic foundation for their efforts.

At Harmony, we ‘peel away the layers of the onion,’ to reveal your company’s untapped potential. This intensive process includes buyer personas, mind mapping, the buyer’s journey – just ask to learn more about these valuable tools. When we present our findings, insights and recommendations, CEOs are often surprised at what they’ve learned.


With Harmony’s process analysis survey, we’ll dive into your current marketing practices and assets to help determine what’s effective, what’s not, and what to do about it. How can all your marketing efforts can be coordinated for maximum impact?


Let’s take a close look at the consumers and business buyers who are potentially in the market, and approach buying issues from their point-of-view. Where are they stuck? Then we’ll determine the smartest ways appeal to them, at each stage of the purchase process.

"The Harmony Group has been more than professional, and has provided expert advice in helping with our new website. They have gone over and above the call of duty.”



We’ll present short- and long-term recommendations for the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience, with options for every budget. It’s a collaborative process, in which your experience, insights and views help set the direction.


Have sales been slow during the Covid era? Clearly, the world has changed, and so have the buying habits of consumers and business buyers. Let’s show that your company understands what is truly important to them these days.


Use Harmony’s strategic marketing services to make sure the website we design for you is perfectly on-target. Or, take the strategic plan we provide, and give it to your in-house marketing department or current trusted vendor to execute.


How do you know your strategic marketing services are working? A ‘Results Marketing’ approach involves tracking outcomes in terms of key metrics, and fine-tuning your assets and campaigns for ongoing effectiveness.


Define your offerings in terms of buyers’ needs, dilemmas, and circumstances. Rather than just focusing inward on your company, focus outward to help people reach their goal.

Out-strategize your competitors.
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It’s common for company insiders to be too close to their own firms to approach things objectively. Let’s talk, strategize, and achieve a wider view.

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