Business Technology Solutions that get everything – and everyone –working together seamlessly.

Frustrated by the limitations, incompatibilities and glitches that bring the workday to a screeching halt? You’re not alone. We’re here to help you tame your tech.

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Common Questions

Can our office network run on wireless connections only?

How can we print from our mobile devices?

Can we operate on a free platform like Google Workspace?

Understand the issues, and start operating on a whole new level.

Business technology solutions to prepare you for the future.

If employees keep coming to you with technical problems, it’s time to bring in the expert problem solvers at The Harmony Group. Did things start to go awry after a system update or power outage? We can help.

For cost-efficiency, we’ll explain which legacy systems can be updated and preserved, and which should be replaced to avoid problems or offer of new capabilities. We also sell the components we recommend, with no cost mark-up.

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Let’s get all the pieces to ‘play nice’ with each other, with both wired and wireless network management. That includes PCs, databases, email servers, internet routers, phone systems, batteries, and even security cameras, for both in-office and remote workgroups.


We’ll take the confusion out of cloud computing, and show you all the money-saving ways it can work for you. From cloud-based software to online databases and backups, you’ll no longer have to maintain ‘local’ office assets.


Obsolete versions of software can create all kinds of messy issues and compromise security. We’ll get all your hardware and software up to date, test it, and keep it current, including with automatic updates.


Sometimes, two or more software components will work together in theory, but in practice – not so much. We work out the kinks to ensure smooth workflows. Worried about the risks of a QuickBooks migration? We have you covered.


Both new and existing staff will learn more efficient, trouble-free ways to work with collaboration tools, CRMs, document management, and more, including security protocols. From popular Google and Microsoft apps to proprietary software, we turn newbies into pro’s.


Harmony’s business technology solutions include preventative maintenance plans for managing, maintaining and troubleshooting your systems. Although we’re there for you in case of a sudden crisis, we typically detect and resolve any small glitches before they turn in to big problems.

"The Harmony team consistently exceeds our needs by providing outstanding customer service in a quick and timely manner. I highly recommend Harmony for any IT needs."



Let’s put your data to work. We’ll set up flexible databases for data storage, manipulation, and access, for smooth data flow. We handle SQL Server database administration and upgrades. Selling or reselling valuable data to companies who need it? We’re here to help.


The Sharepoint experts here are ready to help with Sharepoint administration, document management and the Framework. We’re also Microsoft Small Business Certified, for working with Microsoft Office 365 automation and administration, as well as Windows Server administration upgrades and migration.


While deep in the workday trenches, few companies realize the built-in inefficiencies of their tech-related procedures and work habits. We’ll take a close look, and make recommendations for workflows that reduce costs, time, and stress – every single day.


The Harmony Group can help your company go green by reducing electricity consumption and utility costs. We’ll audit all equipment and backup batteries and may suggest ‘smart batteries’ for future efficiency and dependability.


Harmony can serve as an IT Help Desk for staff questions and issues. We can set up an employee portal for workers, with various levels of access. And we can put a time management system in place for productivity tracking and workplace efficiency.


The Harmony Group helps medical practices and facilities comply with HIPAA regulations, by creating and maintaining a list of security features regarding patient privacy practices. Just ask, and we’ll explain more.


It’s surprising how much more efficient staff can be by learning a few simple keyboard shortcuts. For example, Windows Key + Ctrl + D adds a virtual desktop for sharing just what you want to in meetings. Click here for a complete list of helpful shortcuts.

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The companies that bring in The Harmony Group for our business technology solutions say it feels like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Let’s explore the possibilities.

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