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Are you struggling with Business Continuity during this COVID-19 Pandemic?

Get the VPN Package

Connect from home to work with a secure VPN solution.

We Recommend WatchGuard Technology

When designing your "Work From Home" solution the security considerations are key. Setup and material costs start at $1675.00
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The Reach of WatchGuard

You'll need these items:

  1. You need a secure, encrypted connection to your work network. ie. VPN thru a firewall.
  2. You need the ability to remote control your work PC from your home PC. Ideally Windows 10 at both locations.
  3. Got to have Training. If network security isn’t your specialty then you will have to have guidance.

Keep These Thoughts In Mind:

  1. You dont want to do this twice. Getting up and running is important as well as staying up and running.
  2. Get trained professionals with a proven track record to keep your business safe.
  3. We provide the training and guidance you need to make a smooth transition to working from home.
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