Web design services that go far beyond just visual design.

There are plenty of nice-looking websites out there, all with the same superficial marketing-speak as their competitors. If you want to dig deeper and aim higher, you're in the right place.

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Common Questions

How do we get our website to come up in a Google search?

What types of website content do buyers respond to?

Why do our web visitors leave after just a few seconds?

Understand the issues, and start operating on a whole new level.

Web design services designed just for you.

Forget cookie-cutter solutions. When you say, ‘build us a custom website,’ you’ll soon have a fresh look that gets you noticed, a fresh message that engages buyers, and a scalable website for future growth.

Has your current website become outdated, bloated or hard to use? We’ll do a website audit to discern what’s working and what’s not. Then we’ll offer cost-effective ideas and options for you to consider. And unlike some web firms, all design, development and support is based here in the U.S.


Want your website to come up when people search on Google for products and services like yours? Just say ‘boost my SEO!’ Practices for improving web ranking include keyword research, technical SEO, inbound links, meta tags, SEO web content, and progress tracking.


The right words help customers understand why your offerings are the perfect choice for them. The key is to understand buyers’ circumstances and any underlying needs, and draw them in by appealing to both logical and hidden emotional issues.


Your new website will display well on all devices, including smartphones. This is especially important these days because a website that doesn’t work on mobile will be less likely to come up in Google searches.


One of the best ways to get attention, improve SEO rankings, and show your expertise is to publish helpful, informative blog posts for your target market. When they sign up to subscribe, you’ll capture their email addresses for further marketing.


Improve the website user experience with intuitive, easy-to-follow navigation and functionality, so visitors quickly find what they want, and easily accomplish what they need to, without frustration or confusion.


The Harmony team knows it’s important for your website to be easily read, used, and navigated by everyone, including those with disabilities. We apply web accessibility standards to help ensure a positive experience for visitors with visual or physical limitations.

"High quality and amazing value. The team is friendly and knowledgeable, with a cutting edge approach. I'd recommend them to anyone.”

Robert hart


We’ll create a video for your website to introduce your company, explain how your services work, educate buyers, or get attention by getting creative. Display your professionally-produced videos on your website, YouTube, social media, and more.


Since people are so drawn to visuals, using professional photography instead of cellphone snapshots can make a strong, visceral impression on your customers. Just like videos, your ‘images’ can be used in a range of marketing media.


Harmony’s web design services include creating online stores where you can sell courses, digital products, or physical products. Within this automated e-commerce system, your staff can easily add products and modify offerings as needed.


When you run a promotion via social media, email, or online ads, respondents can click a link to a dedicated landing page to take them to the next step. That might be making a purchase, or leaving their email address so you can follow up.


We make it easy for people to sign up for membership, make donations, and to access just the web pages and resources that each level of membership is entitled to. There’s no limit to what we can achieve with the web design services we offer.


Scammers and spammers are lurking in cyberspace with evil intentions, but an ongoing website care plan helps protect your website with regular malware scans, website backups, and software updates, including protection from newly-discovered vulnerabilities.


Be sure that core selling messages appear in prominent headlines, for today’s short-attention-span readers who tend to ‘skim’ vs. read every word of text.

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