Hosting – One Size Does NOT Fit all

Hosting – One Size Does NOT Fit all So, you want a website. Cool. Good decision. Websites are a critical tool for a business, an idea, or even just for an individual sometimes. You go and register your site name, you pay for that, and then the question of hosting comes up. What are all […]

Business Continuity: Fancy Words for Work From Home Solutions

Business Continuity: Fancy Words for Work From Home Solutions Business Continuity does come with a cost, but when compared with the cost of loss of work and diminished productivity amongst your teams, the cost is subjective. If you haven’t already invested in the proper networking infrastructure through hardware and software, you’re about to invest it […]

SSL Certificates And You

Why It’s Important For Your Site To Have An SSL Certificate An SSL Certificate is an important layer of security and provides trust. Your site needs one. It’s what puts that little lock in the browser instead of the exclamation point or i. But why do you need it? Well, the obvious use case is […]

The backup failed. What now?

The Backup Failed. Now what? What do you do when everything is down and your backup failed? Let’s paint a picture using a real scenario. The problem. It’s Monday. I’ve just left my house and notice I have a missed call on my work phone. It’s not from a number I recognize, and I put […]

Security: Backup

Cloud Backup

So far, we’ve learned the importance of keeping our mouths shut, and the importance of passwords. But what about when those things fail, despite everyone’s best efforts to the contrary? You’d better have a backup. Backups are paramount. If you don’t have one, you’ve already essentially volunteered for everything to fail and be entirely unrecoverable. […]

Security: Passwords

Good Password

What does a good, secure password look like? You won’t like the answer. Because it’s this: 456965230ee038b6ebd0e9369062113c861f5423e1146137e0bee8b2d322cbfb That is an excellent password. It’s long, it’s complex, and most of all, you can’t remember it. “Hold on,” I hear you say, hypothetical reader. “Why shouldn’t I be able to remember my own password?” Because you are […]

Security: Praxis

Praxis not Theory

What’s that word? You might not have seen it before. Why is it in a blog post about security? Let’s start with just pasting in the definition from googling “Praxis Definition”. prax·is/ˈpraksəs/ noun FORMAL practice, as distinguished from theory. “the gap between theory and praxis, text and world” accepted practice or custom. “patterns of Christian […]

Let’s Talk About Security

Cyber Security

So Harmony has a blog now. And guess who got pegged to write about security topics? The self proclaimed security enthusiast. That’s who. This post is more of an introduction to the topic. We’re going to discuss the what, why, and how of security stuff, and how important and frankly out there some of the […]