Social media marketing offers new selling opportunities –when it’s done right.

If the social media landscape isn’t confusing enough, it’s also changing all the time. The Harmony Group will help you dig in, and learn how to take advantage of the possibilities.

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Common Questions

Which social media platforms should our company focus on?

How often do we need to post on various social sites?

Is there a way to make social media not so time-consuming?

Understand the issues, and start operating on a whole new level.

Social media marketing that makes an impact.

Have you tried jumping in to business social media, but didn’t feel like you got any return on your investment? It happens all the time, with companies who post randomly, without first creating a social media strategy.

Garnering leads and sales on social media is different than any other marketing media, because it’s not a ‘one-way street’ for your communications. However, you’ll learn how this aspect can be turned to your advantage.

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As a first step, we’ll determine which social media platforms your best customers are spending time on. What types of posts do they tend to respond to? How have your competitors found success? This valuable info will help determine next steps.


When you say ‘manage my social media’ we create a plan for producing a range of posts in advance, then dropping them into the feed over time. This saves time and money, and ensures that posts coordinate with each other and your overall marketing strategy.


We’ll create new accounts for you on the right platforms, or update your current accounts. We’ll also establish your business pages on those platforms, as a solid foundation for your social media marketing.


These days, ad-hoc posting is inefficient and ineffective. We’ll show you how to take advantage of sophisticated software that automates the deployment of your posts. That way, you can maintain an ongoing presence while you’re busy doing other things.


Responding to relevant posts, and those who comment on your posts, is an important part of the social media universe. We’ll help you appeal to ‘influencers,’ turn customers into ‘brand advocates,’ monitor what’s said about you, and respond to any negative comments.


Each social media platform is different, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of each one. For YouTube, careful ‘optimization’ helps you get found in searches. For LinkedIn, popular the LinkedIn Insights feature helps you identify the right audiences to pursue.

"When it comes to customer service, industry and product knowledge, you will not find a better solution than Harmony."



We’re flexible: we can serve as consultants for your social media marketing, presenting an action plan for your staff to carry out over time. We can also execute the entire plan for you. Or, we’ll find a cost-effective way to split ‘SM’ tasks over time.


There’s an art to developing the right words and images for social media. We use a friendly, helpful tone to encourage interaction and conversations. And we produce images that are unique or unexpected, to grab attention in the feed.


Companies often try too hard to sell on social media, which can be a turn-off for everyone else. Try offering four or five ‘relationship building’ posts with helpful ideas, for every ‘selling’ post that links to your products and services.

New audiences are waiting for you.
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There are opportunities online that that haven’t been available until now. Let’s talk about how you can use them to become a player in the social media world.

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