The goings on with Harmony



Partnering for a Sustainable Future

When new technology hardware replaces outdated models, where does the old equipment go? In the U.S., over 13 metric tons of ‘e-waste’ is generated every year. Only 12.5% gets recycled; the rest goes into landfills or incinerators.

The Harmony Group team cares about the planet as much as it cares about its clients. That’s why the company is now working with Data Delete Recycle for the responsible disposal and recycling of obsolete computer and business equipment.

Have you replaced old hardware, including IT components, phones, UPS batteries, or medical or AV equipment? Simply contact Harmony or Data Delete Recycle, and old equipment in metro Atlanta and surrounding counties will be picked up for free.

The next step is secure data destruction, to ensure that your company information can’t be recovered by any means. Hard drives will either be securely erased/wiped, or mechanically shredded. You can even request a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Then, the hardware may be refurbished for re-use. Or, it will go through salvage recycling; many components and materials will be recycled, and the remainder will be disposed of. All at no cost to you.

We hope you’ll join us in contributing to ongoing sustainability and the reduction of landfill volume.

To arrange a pickup directly with Data Delete Recycle, call 770-746-9975, or go to



Working Together for Smarter Business Phones

Companies have relied on telephones to conduct business since the late 1800s. There have been ongoing advances in calling technology since then, of course. So, what’s next?

The Harmony Group has partnered with global VoIP provider BluIP to help companies of all types and sizes be a part of that future.

The Harmony team will continue to install the latest phone hardware at its clients’ facilities. They’ll then connect it to the cloud-based software and telecommunications lines provided by BluIP. All with no interruption to your daily operations.

BluIP is known for providing rock-solid service and support to over 22,000 businesses, including familiar national brands. Their services synch seamlessly with Microsoft Teams/Office 365 and other popular systems, and work perfectly for today’s call center workflows and distributed workforces.

The telecom innovator uses the latest AI technology for increased efficiency, resulting in lower ongoing costs. As businesses emerge from the pandemic, many are looking for updated solutions for doing more with less staff, and overall streamlining their day-to-day communications.

Any business can take advantage of these future-forward VoIP phone systems, including sales and call center operations; medical and legal firms for appointment scheduling; and technology and other brands for customer and technical support.

Harmony/BluIP business phone installations are easy for employees to learn and use, with responsive support for any questions.