IT services for remote workgroups: tightly coordinated workflows, no matter where your people are.

The Harmony Group helped people work from home long before current circumstances closed thousands of offices. Discover new technologies that help you maintain control.

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Common Questions

Should we let employees use their own computers for company work?

What if we have a mix of office and remote workers?

What are the best online collaboration tools for our company?

Understand the issues, and start operating on a whole new level.  

Smart, efficient IT services for remote workgroups

You may have noticed that your current ad-hoc set-ups for a distributed workforce aren’t quite cutting it. Let’s do this right, because remote working isn’t going away anytime soon.

Emerging collaboration apps and upgrades have gotten better at keeping your team in tight formation. We’ll help you evaluate and integrate them, to suit your industry, your company, and your workflow.

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With the bewildering array of remote meeting and collaboration software out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Harmony will start by determining which apps and customizations fit your company, rather than making your company fit the app.


Let The Harmony Group prepare company-issued staff computers with the proper software, customizations, and proprietary applications. We can include computer usage and productivity tracking, as well as privacy disclosures about that oversight.

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The Harmony Group doesn’t just set up new remote workgroup apps. We’ll be there to train employees how to use them, including tips for more efficient meetings and collaboration. And we can help troubleshoot if anything’s not working as expected.


Remote workers need access to cloud or office data and software, but different employees will need different levels of access. We’ll set up a portal that automatically grants appropriate access without a manager having to personally approve it each time.


Distributed workforces present new challenges for data security. We’ll establish security safeguards for hardware and software, as well as help write employee protocols for working in home environments. Let’s keep all that precious data safe.


Do you think your remote workers, or at least some of them, might be returning to the office one day? Include that eventuality in your current technology planning, and enjoy a smoother transition later.

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When it comes to IT services for remote workgroups, what you don’t know can hurt you – and your team’s productivity and efficiency. Let’s talk about the best ways to adapt to a changing work world.

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