Georgia Roof Advisors

A family-owned roofing business that focuses on clients' trust.

Georgia Roof Advisors are a Marietta-based company that was looking for a site redesign. We included our UX (User Experience) Faciliation in their plans for a new site and discovered that they were also looking to attract clients with more costly needs. Naomi and James make a point of roofing houses with materials that are actually worth the money you spend. They don't take shortcuts and they don't waste your time.

What was Harmony's job? To provided them with a site that reflects the quality of their work and their materials that would attract a larger client-base as well as SEO work that would help them be found in the first place.. But first we had to define that client-base. That's where our UX work came in handy. Once our team we knew the who, where, and how-much of the equation we built a site that not only reflects a more elegant modern home, but also guides each of their client types to the appropriate page and contact form.


Website Design and Development


Employee Headshots

Managed I.T. Services


Redesign GRA's site to reflect the quality of their work and attract a new client-base without having to sell their work door-to-door after a storm.


A site that focused on client education concerning the work of quality roofing, reflected a higher-standard than their competitors, and conveyed honesty without sounding like a sales pitch.

Harmony helped GRA focus their brand and reflect the high standard of their work in their website. This led to more focused messaging on their site and a better understanding of how to attract the clients they were looking for to keep growing.

Starting with the Clients

Harmony's CEO, Susan Van Hemert, started a relationship with GRA that was both professional and personal. Susan created an environment where James and Naomi felt comfortable talking about their business needs. Our UX Facilitation began with information from GRA about not only what their roofing business is, but what it means to them and what they want it to mean to their clients. From this starting point, we organized and prioritized the messaging and goals for the new site.




Who is the ideal client?

Couples with too little time to find a trustworthy roofer either because of work or family obligations.

How GRA's site serves their clients:

GRA's site provides easily digestible information about their materials, process, and contact information which sets clients up for becoming experts on their roofing needs quickly. This means that one or both members of the household can explain what they need from a roofer without prior expertise. In doing so, they know they can trust GRA to do the job right and for the right price.

Brand Attributes

Worthy of a client's time




Understanding what their brand was became key in finding the right message. Naomi and James had already touched on it in a video which we picked up on in their UX sessions. They had to prove that they were trustworthy without coming across as throwing that word around lightly. The challenge was saying it in a way that always sounded genuine. That prior video conveyed the message in a simple statement: "It's about trust." And that was that. We knew we had already been given the perfect presentation of their message. This statement is from the point of view of a wise counselor who understood the importance of being true to their word. GRA had always operated this way, but just needed to put that message front and center. That's why it became a major part of their site header, and subsequent header messages reflected this unique point of view in order to remind users of why GRA is trustworthy without sounding false.

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