Data protection services that guard you against loss, cybercrime and liability.

If you lost a week’s worth of work, how would that impact your business? Businesses typically know nothing of the security vulnerabilities baked into their networks. We can help.

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Common Questions

Is there a way to recover our data after a disaster?

Is the software we’re considering completely secure?

Do we need a firewall to protect our office data?

Understand the issues, and start operating on a whole new level.

Data protection services to pinpoint any potential vulnerabilities.

On a web-connected company IT network, most access points may be secure, but it only takes one that isn’t. By closing any gaps, we’ll help ensure business continuity, with little or no interruption of operations, regardless of what happens.

These days, cloud backups and data archiving keep your data safe from anything that could impact your local network. It’s just one component of Harmony’s suite of security-first IT services.

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A company that keeps its data in just one place is inviting disaster. That’s why Harmony offers three pieces of advice: 1. Backup; 2. Backup; 3. Backup. A total preventative maintenance plan includes enough redundancy to let you sleep well at night.


If your company just lost data due to malware or a glitchy system update, we’ll do everything feasible to restore it. But having a Harmony disaster plan in place allows for quicker, more complete restoration of data, software and custom settings to how they were before.

"As a small business we are in constant need of fast, knowledgeable and professional IT solutions. Harmony has been there for us for the past 10 years, from simple computer swaps to crisis data recovery and everything in between."



Harmony’s data protection services include firewall technology that knows exactly which network traffic to block, and which to let through. Firewalls also prevent cyber attackers from accessing or controlling your IT assets via the web.


Sophisticated automated systems can regularly check for destructive malware, spam, viruses and more. They also regularly update, to cover the latest known vulnerabilities. If a bad actor is even attempting an intrusion, we’ll know about it, jump into action, and keep you updated.


Backups are crucial in case something fails. But for a number of technical reasons, backup files themselves can sometimes fail. Typically, companies never check their backup files, and often don’t even know where they’re kept. So be sure your various backups are regularly tested, properly stored, and ready if needed.

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Often, companies get serious about data protection services only after they’ve experienced a disaster – or preferably, a near-disaster. Ask for references from other firms who trust Harmony for ongoing data retention.

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