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Checklist For Changing IT Vendors

Every business that uses the services of an IT provider will at some point need to change IT providers. Planning for that transition ahead of the actual event is absolutely required. In fact a business owner should have the information shown below in an “up to date” form at all times. The checklist below is an example of but not a complete list of items that a business owner should have stored in a safe location.

Checklist for Switching IT Providers

  • Get The Passwords

    • Vendor Passwords

      •  Comcast

      • Microsoft

      • Google

      • Web Hosting

      • Email Accounts

      • Practice Management

      • Online Backup Services

    • On Site Equipment Passwords

      •  Router/Firewall

      • Production Server

      • Onsite File Storage

      • Workstations and laptops

    • Remote Access Passwords

      •  VPN

      • Google Remote Desktop

      • Microsoft RDP


  • Find Out the Backup Strategy

    • Where are Backups?

    • How often do backups occur?

    • How are backups verified?

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