Susan and Kris VanHemert hate to see companies struggle.

But they noticed a lot of companies having a hard time adapting to changes in their industries, marketplaces and own businesses the past few years. And that was even before Covid rocked everyone’s world.

Susan and Kris VanHemert standing in front of butterfly symbol

Susan, a seasoned marketing pro, saw too many firms paying for uncoordinated digital marketing efforts that no longer seemed to resonate with their buyers. Kris, a business technology expert, noticed all kinds of operational inefficiencies that could be remedied with new cost-effective tech solutions.

Together, they began The Harmony Group to help today’s businesses to not only navigate ever-changing seas, but to achieve ongoing harmony – among their internal human and technical resources, as well as with external markets, suppliers, partners and communities.

Today, with their talented team, they’ve built an impressive track record of overcoming their clients’ most complex challenges. The couple still gets a thrill out of helping companies embrace change, shifting from a wheel-spinning past into a solid-traction future.

The people who chose to trust them have found Susan and Kris to be highly responsible, easily accessible, and quite easy to work with (ask for references and let them tell you themselves).

How it works and what to expect.

The first step is a conversation.

We’re glad to answer the questions on your mind. To know you better, we may have a few of our own.

Next, a thorough review and needs assessment.

From there, we provide an initial plan of recommendations, along with costs and options.

Ready to move forward?

Together, we’ll determine immediate next steps, as well as what can and should be done down the road.

Let’s do this.

We welcome your input, keep you updated, and work through the challenges until you’re satisfied.

What types of companies has The Harmony Group helped with their marketing and IT services?

  • Automotive Dealerships
    Waste Management
    Heating and Air

  • Contractors
    Industrial suppliers

  • Chiropractic
    Holistic Medicine
    Real Estate

  • Pets and animal-related
    Faith-based organizations
    Pet Daycare

  • Boutique Retail
    Business coaches

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Your marketing.
Your IT.
Everything in Harmony.

Facing the future with confidence