Making Your Signature Sing

Making Your Signature Sing A blog post about signatures from a Sysadmin? Well, yeah. I manage people’s emails. You don’t think that I have at

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SSL Certificates And You

Why It’s Important For Your Site To Have An SSL Certificate An SSL Certificate is an important layer of security and provides trust. Your site

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Cloud Backup

Security: Backup

So far, we’ve learned the importance of keeping our mouths shut, and the importance of passwords. But what about when those things fail, despite everyone’s

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Good Password

Security: Passwords

What does a good, secure password look like? You won’t like the answer. Because it’s this: 456965230ee038b6ebd0e9369062113c861f5423e1146137e0bee8b2d322cbfb That is an excellent password. It’s long, it’s

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Praxis not Theory

Security: Praxis

What’s that word? You might not have seen it before. Why is it in a blog post about security? Let’s start with just pasting in

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