Cloud Backup

Security: Backup

Let’s Talk About Backups So far, we’ve learned the importance of keeping our mouths shut, and the importance of passwords. But what about when those

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Good Password

Security: Passwords

Let’s Talk About Passwords What does a good, secure password look like? You won’t like the answer. Because it’s this: 456965230ee038b6ebd0e9369062113c861f5423e1146137e0bee8b2d322cbfb That is an excellent

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Praxis not Theory

Security: Praxis

Let’s Talk About Security And Praxis What’s that word? You might not have seen it before. Why is it in a blog post about security?

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Cyber Security

Let’s Talk About Security

Let’s Talk About Security So Harmony has a blog now. And guess who got pegged to write about security topics? The self proclaimed security enthusiast.

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Kyle Yeager
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As a small business we are in constant need of fast, knowledgeable and professional IT solutions. Harmony has been there for us for the past 10 years from a simple computer swaps to crisis data recovery and everything in between. Highly recommended
Ryan Young
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When it comes to customer service, industry and product knowledge, you will not find a better solution than Harmony. Thank you for being a integral part of Kennesaw and surrounding areas!
Zak Griffith
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The Harmony team consistently exceeds our needs by providing outstanding customer service in a quick and timely manner. I highly recommend Harmony for everything IT, ZOHO CRM, VOIP phone systems, and website development!
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