Cyber Security

Let’s Talk About Security

So Harmony has a blog now. And guess who got pegged to write about security topics?

The self proclaimed security enthusiast. That’s who.

This post is more of an introduction to the topic. We’re going to discuss the what, why, and how of security stuff, and how important and frankly out there some of the things can be.

It’s a hugely evolving landscape, too. Just recently, Microsoft stopped recommending that you force a password change every x months. Wrap your head around that!

It’s that and a whole lot of other stuff that we’ll be talking about in my section of the blog.

I also do a lot of web development, and specifically in WordPress. And will be speaking about security and its application to WordPress in June 2019. You can find the Kennesaw WordPress meetup group here.

Stay safe online, and the wide world.


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